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Bliss Women Terms Of Service:
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Bliss Women operates www.bdablisswomen.com. This policy section informs you of our policies in regards to the use,  collection, and disclosure of Personal Information our site receives.  

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Personal Information
When you use our Site, we may ask you to provide us with specific information that can be used to contact you. 

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What we collect from you:

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How do we collect your personal information? We collect your personal information regarding you or your device. This is how we collect information:

  • When you sign up to receive our emails, twitter chat events notifications, campaign participation, mentorship program, give back initiative, volunteer forms, contributor details, ambassador program, and/ or local events, we collect your name, email, and preferences (depending on the nature of said sign up) for contact and marketing purposes.

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This policy is active as of April 10th 2018 (Updated April 2019) and will remain effective until notified otherwise. 

Bliss Women reserves the right to change and update our policy at any time without notification. 

Any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.