Why Your Next Wellness Vacation Should Be In Bermuda


Photo by David Foley of Foley’s Fotos

When the stress is piling up at work and home, it's important to take a step back from it all and breathe. Find a way to escape the fast-paced world and focus on wellness. Research shows that taking vacations is correlated with improved physical, emotional and spiritual health as well as better relationships and decreased burnout. Vacationers have lower stress levels, increased motivation and an improved perspective on life.

What better place to get well than in paradise? Bermuda is not only a more affordable vacation destination, but it also benefits every area of your wellness. From outdoor adventures to relaxing spas, Bermuda is the oasis you need in your life.

Beaches of Bermuda

Bermuda is known for its beaches, especially the pink sand and clear waters. Each beach has its own character. Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do as it engages your entire body. Some beaches are only appropriate for more experienced swimmers, such as Astwood Cove, Church Bay, are known for lively coral reefs and snorkelling opportunities. This gives you a chance to see beautiful sea creatures up close and personal.

Other beaches on the island offer activities to make the heart race, like riding jet skis or parasailing. Of course, you can always lay out in the sun and relax. As your muscles lose all tension, you will feel rejuvenated. The sun will boost your vitamin D, which is essential for mental health.

Crystal & Fantasy Caves

It's always good to experience new things. Being adventurous allows you to let go of fear and to boost your creativity. At The Crystal Caves of Bermuda, you can be a part of underground Bermuda. Take a tour and learn about the history of the caves and how they were discovered. The geological formations will inspire you and lighten your heart. Afterwards, you can enjoy a snack at The Crystal Caves' restaurant, Cafe Ole.

Bike Trails & Gardens

Don't miss out on a chance to let your mind wander. Check out the arboretum and The Railway Trail. While riding a bike and walking are physical activities, they also give you a chance to soak in your surroundings and clear your head. The arboretum is 22 acres of palms, acacias and other trees that provide a thriving environment for all types of birds.

Listen to the songbirds sing and give yourself a peaceful time in nature to reflect on life. The Bermuda Railway Trail National Park is 18 miles of nature and history. The trail "follows an abandoned railbed that winds through tranquil landscapes and along stunning rocky coastlines."

You can do this on foot, but it isn't hard to find a vendor to rent bicycles. But be careful when making your reservation - they might give you a scooter.

All-Inclusive Resorts & Spas

Not a hiking and biking kind of girl? No problem. The all-inclusive resorts, like the Elbow Beach Hotel, in Bermuda, are equipped with everything you need to relax and reboot. Situated on beautiful Elbow Beach, you have the option of crystal-clear saltwater or the resort's own free-form pool. There are three restaurants; you can enjoy open-air dining at Mickey's Beach Bistro, elegant seafood paired with wine at Cafe Lido and tapas and sushi at Sea Breeze. All of the food is fresh and relatively healthy.

You can also take advantage of the spa. Get a massage, body wrap, facial treatment and more to strip off the remaining stress. Experience complete relaxation. Resorts like this one are one-stop shops for wellness. There's no need to leave the 50-acre Elbow Beach resort, but if you're getting tired of all this luxury, take a quick trip to the capital city. In case you didn't know, it is illegal for tourists to operate a vehicle in Bermuda. Hamilton is a quick scooter ride away if you're in the mood to shop and explore. Shopping has been shown to regulate negative emotions.

Wonderful People

Social health is an undervalued significant aspect of health and wellness. Alone time is great but take the opportunity to meet the island locals. Ask them to show you the best spots to relax, take photos or find fresh, local food. What beaches do the locals frequent to ditch the tourists? People love to share their culture with outsiders. They will welcome your questions with open arms. Take an interest in their history. Why not learn something new and find a passion in the country that is hosting you? You might even make a new lifelong friend in the process.

In Bermuda, you can experience the ultimate wellness vacation. There are endless activities to promote physical and emotional health. The inspiring landscapes will move your spirit. In the end, you will return to your normal routine feeling like a new person with a fresh, motivated perspective. It will feel good to be home, but Bermuda will always have a little piece of your heart.