Girl, Is it time you take a social media break?


Photo by rawpixel 

Taking a break from scrolling through social media may be the newest cleanse that has concrete benefits, and this cleanse doesn't require the purchase of odd-tasting juice from the organic section of the market.

Studies have shown that taking part in a social media break or cleanse, helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

With society becoming increasingly aware of the addiction to smartphones, it would be of no surprise that many would find it impossible to take a break from social media. Perhaps that is why researchers and psychologists encourage how essential these breaks are for your well-being. 

Being glued to our phones, tablets, and laptops affect us physically and mentally. The biggest issue with social media dating back to the rise of MySpace has been its effect on online visitors' mentalities and personalities.  

As women, we are targeted differently than men through social media advertising and the content displayed on each social platform. From who we should marry to how grand our social status should be, social media takes an incredible toll on our self-esteem, creating a feeling of social isolation. Ultimately evolving into severe depression and anxiety that can tarnish your health. 

It's unfortunate how much something created to make communication easier, and fun makes us more miserable or lonely. 

Do you think you need to take a break from social media? Logging off, shutting down, and walking away is more than just a cool health challenge to try: it should be a regular part of your life.

Not having a phone on your person or spending every waking moment in front of a computer opens us to a whole new world we left behind in software updates, apps, and filters. Those who dedicate times in their week to a social media break can feel happier, healthier and are more focused on the reality of life. 

This infographic covers how social media affects women more than men and why it's important for you to take a break as often as you can. 

Bliss Women Social Media Detox Infographic.jpg