Why Autumn is the Best Time to Practice Wellness

Photo by Thought Catalog

The presence of colourful leaves, a chill in the air, and the beginning of holiday festivities; no matter where you live, Autumn is one of the best times of the year for change, letting go, and self-reflection. 

Starting before the season of ultimate indulgence, Summer and Autumn can be the perfect time to get in shape and create better habits. Below, are three reasons why Autumn boosts our daily routine and tips to keep us active and healthy throughout the season.


Fresh Produce

Fresh, seasonal produce can make even the unhealthiest of eaters' mouths water during Autumn. This is an opportune time to work on healthy eating habits and teach your kids how to cook different recipes using an array of colourful veggies. These are the experiences your kids won't forget. 

Vegetables are packed with nutrients, such as vitamins A and C that may help ward off pesky illnesses. Take an afternoon to prioritise your health by going with your friends and family to a local farmer's market to find fresh produce. Local produce will give you the most nutritional punch.

Don't wait until after winter to make promises for the new year. Eating healthy gives you more energy, which will affect the quality of your life in a positive way. Getting started early in the Autumn season will allow you to feel better internally, and can bring a fun and fulfilling holiday season.  


Encourages Physical Activity

What is not to love about Autumn? With cooler weather, there's no excuse to get outdoors with family and friends, to burn more calories and have fun while doing so. 

Don't be afraid to get creative with your workouts. Certain aspects of Autumn encourage physical activity and healthy eating. For instance, take a stroll with the family in a corn maze; visit a haunted house-you'll be sure to burn some calories while running away from monsters; turn leaf raking into a peaceful time to be with yourself. Also, check local ads for turkey trots, jingle bell walks, Halloween runs, etc. Get moving this season! 

The best kinds of workouts are the ones where you don't realise you're working out...until you wake up in the morning, sore as can be. 


Keeping it Simple

While Autumn is a fun, exciting time, it also means the start of school and chaos if you have a family. Mothers tend to want to do it all, and sometimes that is inevitable. Although trying to do too much may make you feel like a warrior, it can cause a lot of build up of stress and anxiety. 

Stress not only weakens the immune system over time but can cause you to get wrapped up in daily activities and lose sight of priorities. Make this season all about staying grounded in what matters. 

Get that extra 60 minutes of sleep if you need it, and address your emotions. This will allow you to be more present with your family and take the time to enjoy this beautiful season even more.