Video: The Importance of Reinventing Yourself for Your Wellbeing

Video by: Instyle

For women, reinvention is an overlooked aspect of wellness. Society has long kept women in an oppressive domestic sphere to prevent them from flourishing or feeling worthy of a more masculine definition of success. Women are often told and taught they should feel happy with what they are given but should be afraid to want more.

Women have the right to claim the gifts the world has to offer just as much as any man. Beyonce said, "Who run the world? Girls." It's true. It doesn't matter your age or your income. Women are capable of great things.

Is reinvention necessary for wellness? Absolutely. Health and wellness is a balancing act between mind, body and soul. On the road to reinventing yourself, you assess fulfilment and adjust goals.

Not only can you reinvent yourself as a woman, but you also have a responsibility to do so, in an authentic way. Through reinvention, you have the power to live up to your potential and fill your life with all you've dreamed of.

If you're tired of your dead-end job, it's never too late to make a career change. If you're sick of being overweight, it's always the right time to hit the gym. Focus on one thing at a time to make small changes, which will lead to a big difference later. You will be a whole new you - the self you always wanted to be. This kind of balance and self-care leads to whole-hearted happiness.

It doesn't make you selfish or ungrateful to strive to be your most happy self. In the process of making your own life better, you will most likely find yourself positively affecting the lives of others, as well. Forget the idea that you are unworthy of brilliance. You are brilliance. If you keep checking in with yourself and following your heart, you will rule the world.

Bliss WellnessAshley DeNardo