Chocolate is Actually Good for You


Photo by NordWood Themes 

Chocolate has gone from the ultimate comfort food to the ultimate health food. A flood of studies has been conducted to prove that chocolate can benefit health in multiple aspects. Chocolate contains flavonoids which are plant-based nutrients and are considered a powerful antioxidant. These nutrients include anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits to impact the body significantly. 

However, not all chocolates are healthy. White chocolate has no flavonoids, and the milk, butter and sugar in milk chocolate dilute the flavonoids to eliminate the health benefits of cocoa. Dark chocolate is the healthiest chocolate with its high level of flavonoids and a low level of sugars. It is also healthier than white and milk chocolate because of the high level of cacao, which is packed with nutrients. When eating chocolate, look for a level of at least 70 percent cacao and limit yourself to 7 ounces of dark chocolate a week. 

Unfortunately, this does not mean that Brussel sprouts and broccoli can be replaced with chocolate. Moderation is key to absorb the full health benefits of chocolate. 

Dark chocolate yields a variety of health benefits. Just remember to consume dark chocolate in moderation because too much will eliminate the majority of these health benefits and will pack on extra calories instead. Now, let's take a look at the five excuses to eat more dark chocolate. 

Chocolate Benefits