6 Ways Women Can Empower Other Women


Photo by Christina Morillo

The month of March is well-known for being Women's History Month, which became an official celebration in 1987 when Congress passed the Pub. L. 100-9 that helped shape the women empowerment into what it is today. The women empowerment movement pay tribute and respect to the women in history who've fought for women's rights and strived for change within the women community. It's so vital that we women build each other up and not tear each other down, staying connected to making the world a better place to live. Here are some ways women can empower other women.

1. Meet-ups and Organised Community Events

It doesn't matter where you are in the world; women should be able to create a platform that makes it accessible and convenient for women to meet up and connect with other women. Organising community meet-ups can offer a place for women to come together, share ideas, and get involved with finding ways to support each other. Meet-ups can be a range of different activities such as an environmental clean-up, a full-moon yoga classes, art classes, running for a cause, book clubs, etc., all allowing women to express common interests. Interaction and communication are essential when empowering other women and providing safe space that will encourage women to get out of their comfort zone and promote positive change in society.

2. Invest and Support Women-Owned Businesses

For decades, women were not owners of a company, and they didn't have managerial positions in Fortune 500 companies. Men have dominated the professional world for so long, prohibiting women from using their talent and skills to make something out of themselves, but that era has passed. Now we're seeing women being more independent and becoming their own boss, taking on leadership roles and finding innovative ways to start successful businesses. We can empower other women by supporting women-owned businesses, and this can be done by advertising and promoting women businesses on social media which can give them more traffic and exposure, buying their products or services, and putting forth investments and arranging business partnerships. It's important to get involved with women in business because it'll create a domino effect, it can even open doors for other women to become inspired and passionate about starting their business.

3. Support Women in Crisis

With millions of women in the world, many of them are unfortunately victims of crises such as abuse, trafficking, drug addictions, homelessness, and other offences. Women can empower other women by helping those who are in crises, offering support through charity organisations, mentoring/counselling, small business loans, training, education, medical services, and other programs that can assist with protection and offering comfort and stability to women who are struggling. We live in a crazy world where women are still being taken advantage of and going through significant life issues alone. By staying aware of what's going on in the world, we can take necessary precautions to get women in crisis back on their feet, and saved by these violent acts of hate, crime, abuse, and instability. Women can help other women by being a source of hope and motivation to women affected by life traumas so that they can start to move past their traumas to create a new positive life.

4. Compliment Each Other

Have you ever thought about complimenting your female co-worker, boss, or friend? We can empower other women by praising one another and making genuine efforts to make others feel good about themselves. Words can have a profound impact, especially when you say something negative to another woman; you are contributing to the issue's women face in society. Giving a sincere compliment to other women can put a smile on their face, boost their confidence, and possibly make their day a little brighter.

5. Become Educated with Women in Different Circumstances from your Own

Each woman is unique in their way, and we all come from different backgrounds and circumstances. Regardless of your race, sexual preference, religion, health status, and even professional status, we all need to treat each other with respect and educate ourselves. You may not understand the lifestyle that other women live, but it's not your place to judge and make anyone feel less than you. Instead, to empower women, we should learn to accept all types of women and what we may not understand.

6. Stand Up for One Another

There have been too many incidents where women have been belittled and disrespected by not only men but women as well. Women can empower change by standing up for one another when acts of injustice happen. We need to continue to speak up, get involved and support our fellow sister.