6 Instagram Wellness Brands We Love in Bermuda

Wellness encompasses all aspects of health including our body, mind and spirit. No matter where you are on the journey to a better you, it's important to stay informed about the products and resources available. From the soap on your skin to the nutrition for within, these wellness brands will help you on the road to feeling and looking your best.


Tea drinkers experience many benefits like reduced risk of heart disease, increased weight loss and mental alertness. Whether you've just begun experimenting with teas or you already have your favourite, there is something for you at NovelTea.

If you're looking for quality and variety, look no further. There are a variety of options, from Atlantic Gombey's bright herbal flavour to the citrus and rum-infused notes of Dark ‘n' Stormy. If you aren't sure which flavour suits you, you can use their mood-o-meter to make a choice. They also sell an assortment of gear to brew, tumble and steep your tea as well as teacups, mugs and much more.

Naked Zero

Naked Zero has an assortment of products that promote minimalism and zero-waste. It's awesome for people who care about the environment and are conscious of what goes into their bodies. If you want to avoid producing a ton of plastic waste and absorbing toxic chemicals into your food and body, Naked Zero offers reusable kitchenware like straws, sponges, napkins and Stasher bags to keep your food fresh. This shop truly focuses on mind, body and spirit. Other products include body creams, boxed water, gemstones, yoga mats and more. Naked Zero also hosts events to spread awareness about topics such as yoga, meditation, minimalism and the law of attraction.

Salt Spray Soap Company

Genelle John grew up on the island and left to pursue higher education. When she returned, she decided to sell handmade natural soaps, body butters and balms. Are you looking to moisturise, cleanse, exfoliate or soothe? When you buy products from Salt Spray Soap Company, not only will you feel the relief of knowing that you're buying soaps made with safe ingredients, but you will also support a fellow woman and her local business. You can follow them on Instagram to learn more about the benefits of the natural ingredients used in their products, such as activated charcoal, shea butter and sea salt.

Aura Beauty & Wellness

Looking for cruelty-free, non-toxic and all-natural beauty products? Aura delivers every time with their beauty and skincare products. Try one of their best-selling Body Souffles in lavender or vanilla. This product makes your skin glow naturally because it uses organic ingredients with moisturising properties. Or, if you want to relax in a beautiful, hot bath with floral exfoliation, try the Goddess Soak. It's made from sea salts and botanicals that help get rid of aches and pains generally and associated with your menstrual cycle.


Handmade in Bermuda, Nakid specialises in bath bombs, bath salts and oils. They have recently expanded their inventory and also carry eczema creams, natural deodorant and beard oils. Many people have allergic reactions to mass-produced items containing skin-irritating chemicals, so the natural deodorant is essential and necessary. With such a range of products, Nakid can help you relax, moisturise and heal your skin while keeping you young and beautiful.

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I could talk all day about how Drift makes quality products that are health-conscious and environmentally friendly as well as cruelty-free. What you really need to know, though, is that they make a nourishing skin cleansing oil from chia seeds! It simultaneously restores moisture to your skin and evens out your tones while removing makeup.

With these brands, you can be healthy in every area of your life and discover the importance of self-care and de-stressing. As this lifestyle and these products become second nature to you, shopping for your health will seem less daunting and become something that you truly look forward to.