6 Tips on How to Save Money When Styling and Organising Your Small Closet Space


Photo by Alexandra Gorn 

Being on a budget means not being able to splurge at the moment, but it doesn't mean you have to settle for less. When styling and organising a small space for your large wardrobe, quality over quantity always prevails. A closet doesn't have to be large to be fabulous. You can make your closet one of the most utilised spaces in your home if you follow these tips on how to stay organised and ensure that you are always getting a bang for your buck.


Clean and Clear That Space.

First thing's first, there may be a lot of unnecessary items in the back of your closet that you may not need or even want anymore. Take time to go through your closet, bins and anything else that's hiding your clothing and ask yourself:

How well does this still fit?
Does it fit my current style?
Have I worn this recently?

How good is its quality (rips, holes, faded colours, whites not being all that white anymore)? Yes, I know it's hard letting go, but instead, think about the other people who could use just a few items from your wardrobe. Consider, thrifting to earn some extra cash or directly donating them to a non-profit. Your closet deserves a little love and so does your wallet.


Get New Hangers.

You'll have to put the clothes you've decided to keep away eventually.  Hangers come in packs by the dozen and all in the same style or colour. The matching makes it easier for you to see the items you have in your wardrobe. 


Find a System to Organise Your Clothes

It could be any formula or pattern you want. The choice is quite literally yours here! Some like to put everything in order by season (winter things first, followed by spring, etc.), style (i.e. long sleeves, then short sleeves, then tanks), or by colour (i.e. neutrals first, followed by warm colours than cool colours). Whatever is easier, for your everyday routine, find a organised system that will help. Every girl should know what's in her wardrobe without the hassle of tossing clothes around while getting ready for the day. 


Bins are Your Buddies

Bins are great because you can buy them in different sizes and colours, and some are even foldable, so they don't take that much space from where you place them on the floor or shelf. You could even make them yourself with a cardboard box, decorating accordingly, so it stands out. Whichever you choose, remember to label them, so you always know where a specific item is. 

And these should be used for more casual clothing, like t-shirts or workout clothes, rather than work wear; since the former can be folded and wrinkled, whereas a blazer should never be. Sneakers and flip-flops could even go in bins, freeing up more space.


Storage Bags Save Lives

Okay, so most infomercial items are suspicious in their claims that their item is revolutionary or "here to change your life". That's why I'm even amazed at how much I vouch for vacuum storage bags. 

These bags are inexpensive and do exactly what they say they will: vacuuming out the air from a bag stuffed with bulkiest items and reducing them to mere inches in seconds for storing under beds or in the back of closets. 

Use them for winter coats, thick sweaters, sweatshirts, and non-clothing items that tend to live in the closet, such as duvets, extra blankets, and pillows.


Use Space Outside of the Closet

Take advantage of closet doors and bare walls by investing in sturdy hooks or find an extra rod to hang clothes you often wear.  You could also get creative and make it into a pretty display for your "outfit of the day". 

It saves up time from rummaging through your closet, and it could make your entire space look pretty chic!