Empowering Women in Bermuda: 4 Women Helping Others Reach Optimal Health


Photo by David Foley of Foley's Fotos, Dr. Ayesha Peets Talbot

Who better to empower women than women themselves? Four women of Ocean Rock Wellness aim to do exactly that through means as varied as helping people conquer chronic disease or other health issues to empowering them through their mental health.

Dr Ayesha Peets Talbot said, "Ocean Rock is a holistic wellness centre dedicated to helping people receive a well-rounded approach to whatever health issues they may have. We cover a vast scope of holistic health, and part of our goal is to find the cause of your health problem by integrating both health practices for a more well-rounded approach."

When Dr Ayesha wanted to create Ocean Rock Wellness, she knew she couldn't do it alone. She asked both Dr Famous and Beth Hollis to join her to provide a full wellness centre to treat others effectively and meet them where they are. "We believe a more holistic approach to how individuals should be treated opposed to treatment in and of itself will help those practice and maintain good health." 

With holistic health on the rise, Dr Peets Talbot chatted with us to share about the health options women have today and how women can achieve optimal health. 


Pictured, Dr. Sabrina Famous and Rolisa Camille. Not shown: Physiotherapist, Beth Hollis. 

What services do you offer at Ocean Rock Wellness and are they covered by all major insurances? 

No, not all services at Ocean Rock Wellness are covered by insurance, mainly because coverage hasn't caught up to it yet.  We provide a lot of preventative healthcare, and early intervention healthcare and our models are primarily based on private insurance for acute care. 

Our services are focused on optimal healthcare, to help those who feel like they are in the grey zone or have received diagnoses like cancer, diabetes; we want to relieve them from tons of medications. We look at hormonal imbalances, your lifestyle, and your family history to truly give you the care you need. We not only fix the imbalances you have, but we also help optimise your health. We also provide specialised testing. Here are just a few of our services: 

  1. Functional Medicine - to assist those seeking nutritional guidance.

  2. Rapidtransformational Therapy - to help those who want to surpass certain blocks in their life. You've tried every diet in the book and nothing has progressed for the better or you want help in overcoming self-sabotage. This service will help you push past those blocks.

  3. Physiotherapy and Acupuncture - helping athletes and many others with physical health complaints; to heal and repair their body.


What do you think can help change the impact of obesity, diabetes, and chronic diseases in Bermuda?

We have to educate women more. We need to help women understand the 'Why,'  and how diseases happen. As women, we have more control than we realise. I heard a doctor say, "I can't cure your diabetes. But you can." 


What do you wish women of Bermuda knew about the importance of focusing on their health and how they can be more aware of toxic medications?

I want women of Bermuda to know that there is another way and to understand that the actions they make now can affect their longevity. Take a look at family members and your peers in Bermuda, and see others at specific ages health quickly decline. These things are preventable. We can help slow our clocks down and youthfulness by taking better care of ourselves. If we can have a healthy mind, body, and soul, we can reverse this 'stigma' of ageing. 


Tell us a little bit more about the workshops and seminars you offer, how often do you have them?

We want to help inspire and educate our community by offering free workshops and free seminars as well as our affordable book. We also have a combination of services, that will lead to bigger training. When we first started, we only had four workshops for a year. To date, we're providing four workshops a month. It has grown since we first started. 

If you can't afford our membership or services, our free programs are an excellent option for you. 


Is there anything else you would like to inform the public about Ocean Rock Wellness? 

Yes. I would like to share an inspiring story about a client of ORW. This client has been with us for two years to date, and has reversed their lupus. They are the first person under our practice to have such a significant autoimmune disease and have fully reversed it. Our client started off having to take numerous days off work to taking no days off. When they went for an internal health review, they had no signs of antibodies in their system. 

This is the exactly what Ocean Rock Wellness can do for you. There are people out here living a healthier and happier lifestyle and you can, too. 

For more information about Ocean Rock Wellness or to see its available list of workshops and services, check their website here.