Leading Millennial Mentor and Author Gaynete Edwards Jones On Turning Passions into Profits


Photo by Kondwani Williams

Gaynete Jones, best-selling author of Lucky Code: A Guide for Winning at Life, is the founder of G.A.M.E. Changing Industries which offers online programs and group trainings for the entrepreneurial-minded millennial woman to build their brand as well as motivation challenges to inspire those to live their best passion-filled lives. After studying the behaviours, fears and desires of millennials, Gaynete shares her secrets on creating healthy practices for a better environment.

Lucky Code is a guide for winning at life and is the must-have tool for any “Make-My-Life-The-Very-Best-It-Can-Possibly-Be” arsenal. What inspired you to write this book?

One evening I was putting a lot of thought into how I was going to create the life that I desired. While I knew the "what" and "why", the "how" wasn't yet clear. I was scrolling through Pinterest passing the time when I came across a quote by Benjamin Franklin which read, "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." It was a sign I was looking for. At that point, I made up my mind to do both. I wanted to both write something worth reading and do something worth writing about. I've always enjoyed writing, so it was a perfect fit. I knew that writing a book would be a great start. The idea for the book came to me right away.


Having such a long list of accomplishments, you have made an impact on a lot of women. Why do you do everything that you do?

I want to create a ripple effect of women knowing their power and limitless potential. One of the best ways to do this is through being a living example. Creating a positive legacy is super important to me. I want my great-great grands, and children for generations to come to be impacted by my journey, and through my journey, see the possibility for their dreams. To realize that if they put their mind and effort into it, they can achieve absolutely anything they dream up. I have quite a way to go. However, I see value in every stage of the journey.


You help millennial women to dream big and to do bigger, how exactly do you do that?

Through various complementary and paid programs, email series and a number of social media platforms, I target millennial woman assisting them to chase and more importantly, achieve their biggest goals. I focus mainly on women with an entrepreneurial spirit, who know they are here on Earth to accomplish big things and are seeking someone who can provide a little push and direction.


You are a millennial mentor, motivational speaker, best-selling author, blogger, founder of G.A.M.E. Changing Industries and creator of The Book Boss Blueprint. What was your first step toward your success and what advice would you give to someone also looking to chase their goals?

My first step was to get clear on what it was I truly desired. Getting clear on your vision for your life assists you to move forward. Where do you want to be in one year? Five years? 20 years? From here, you must get clear on why it's important to you. Your why and intentions help you to keep going when circumstances are a bit difficult. Life is full of ebbs and flows, and while it's mostly up, you have to be prepared mentally during the seasons when you aren't feeling 100 per cent. Once you have that clarity on what it is that you want and why you can begin working backwards to create a plan of action for yourself.


What struggles have you faced throughout your journey and how have you overcome them?

This is quite the loaded question. I don't like using the word struggle, but I have had many things that have not gone according to plan. From being held hostage at gunpoint in Venezuela at the age of 18, to more recently dealing with parents with life-threatening conditions, to having some programs that sold poorly in my business. I allow myself to feel the pain/fear/sorrow/disappointment that accompanies the issue at hand and know that everything is temporary. I get down, but I do not stay there very long. Focusing on the not-so-pleasant never makes a situation better. I always seek to find the silver lining in every negative situation, and if I cannot find it at the moment, I find comfort in knowing that it's on its way. Also, with regards to business missteps, I believe that 'failing' is necessary on the path to success. I've learned more from my biz flops than I ever have from my success stories.


If there was one thing you could tell every millennial woman, what would it be?

A life without passion, isn't much of a life at all. You can do and have absolutely anything you desire with the right attitude and work ethic, so don't sell yourself short.


Is there anything else you would like to share with our members?

Always think with what I call the "deathbed perspective", asking yourself, "If this month was my last on this planet, will I continue living in the way I live daily?" If there are things you would change with only a month left of life (relationships you'd rekindle, passions you'd pursue, vacations you'd take), begin working to put those things into action today, as tomorrow is not promised. This perspective helps you to quickly prioritize the things that truly matter and create a passion-filled life. Also, find me on Instagram and Twitter @Gaynete!