Betty Doyling, Certified Fitness Trainer and Figure Competitor: Wants You to "Remove Anything That's Holding You Back from Reaching Your Goals"


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Betty Doyling, a personal fitness trainer and wellness coach, is the owner of B-Active For Life. Doyling implements her positive spirit and fun exercise classes to encourage people to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. 
Although, her exercise classes are challenging, she also adds an entertaining element to them to keep you on your toes and coming back for more.

With chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease on the rise, Doyling chatted with us on the importance of exercise and everything that you have ever wanted to know about getting in shape.


You are a certified personal trainer and competitor with over a decade of experience. What first few steps would you suggest to women who want to start living a healthy lifestyle?

Set an achievable goal. Like three to four days per week. Increase the following week to 15 to 20 minutes, three to four days per week. Start an uncomplicated log of your progress. Just the basics such as the date, time and the activity you did. You can add other noteworthy items as long as you keep it simple. Report to a friend, relative or coworker so that you have a level of accountability. This is a very important step. Make sure that they are expecting the report daily so that you stay accountable.


While eating healthy, some women are under the impression that they must eat salads for every meal. What are some of your favourite healthy meals to make eating healthy more exciting?

I love making baked chicken, cauliflower mash & roasted vegetables with feta, zucchini pasta with meat sauce and fresh Bermuda corn and chicken stir-fry with loads of new vegetables. The more variety you create in your meals, the more likely you are to eat healthy.


In an article that you wrote for Bernews, you said that a firm stomach is made in the gym but shown in the kitchen. How would you explain the relationship between eating healthy and being active?

Diet and exercise go hand in hand when it comes to health and fitness. Working out while consuming a diet full of junk food will make you feel sluggish and possibly prevent you from working out to your full potential. However, if you're eating a healthy diet but not exercising, it may be challenging to maintain a healthy weight. Try combining the two for ultimate success.


Living a healthy lifestyle involves eating healthy and being active, but how does a healthy mindset come into play?

When you are eating healthy, exercising and meeting the fitness goals, you begin to feel more positive about your body and your health in general. Maintaining positive relationships around fitness can also help build a positive mindset.


You are offering 60-minute circuit workout classes this Autumn. What are your favourite workouts to get in shape?

I love a workout with variety. I’d hate going to a training session and knowing what exercise routine I am going to do before I get there. I try to make my classes and personal training sessions with plenty of variety so that when I show up, they don’t know what to expect. Of course, there will be a variety of a squat, or push-up. However, combining the basic squat with a burpee can add to the fun and variety of the exercise.


For women who are always on the go, how would you suggest incorporating a regular workout routine and healthy eating into their busy lifestyle?

I’d suggest trying to fit your workouts in on your least busiest days. People tend to “start on Monday” when it comes to getting on track. However, since most of us do not work on Sundays, why not choose that day for exercise and prepping for the week or at least until Wednesday. Then choose the other two days for exercise.


What struggles have you faced during your fitness experience and how have you overcome those struggles?

Honestly, I don’t always feel like eating healthy. Sometimes I completely take a break and eat what I want! Yes, I may notice the difference in my waistline, but that’s ok. The most important thing is not to let go of everything. If my eating is not on point, I still keep my exercise going. However, I try not to let that lack of motivation last too long because then I notice my fitness level decreases with the lack of healthy food choices. So that encourages me to get everything back in order.


What advice do you have for women who need the inspiration to get back into a healthy lifestyle or lack the inspiration to fight through a fitness plateau?

Start slowly. I think a lot of times we recognize that we have come to a standstill with our bodies and needed to change some things in our lives. However, we commit to too many things, and then we feel like we have failed. Pick one area to focus on at a time, whether it be food, fitness, getting more rest or removing ourselves from a toxic friendship that is preventing us from reaching our goals.


If you could tell women one thing about their health and living a healthy lifestyle, what would it be?

I was watching a movie this weekend after taking my son to a college called “I Feel Pretty.” At the end of the movie she gives a speech that says we all have the power to do what we need to get fit; however, we are still beautiful whatever size, shape, or fitness level that we currently are. The most important thing is to strive to be healthy. Once we are living a healthy lifestyle and are feeling positive, then we will feel that confidence and beauty from within.

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