How Travel Enhances Your Well-being and Provides Positive Change


Photo by Element5 Digital 

Many people find themselves daydreaming at their office desk of the day that they can hop on a plane and go anywhere they want in the world. Then your boss comes and tells you to snap out of it and get back to work, and just like that, that daydream is gone but will continue to linger in the back of your mind. Life can get boring and repetitive sometimes but adding some travelling in your agenda can spice up the life vibes. But for many, travelling seems to be something that’s "out of the picture" or "non-realistic" because of excuses and certain life limitations. So, what if I told you that travelling is indeed linked to your overall wellness and can impact meaningful changes in your life? Would you decide to book that flight, or continue to daydream? I would hope that you choose to book a trip and get yourself out there and explore the beautiful world around you because YOU deserve it!

Your wellness is essential, and while eating healthy and working out can do wonders to your mind, body, and soul, so can travelling! Yes, travelling can be the key to gaining new profound perspectives, exploring your adventurous side, and learning about the world more than you would in your high school social studies class. While travelling is indeed fun, it can also be a chance to step outside your comfort zones and experience different cultures and empower positive change. In society, we often get so caught up in the worries of our everyday lives and forget what it means to be grateful.

Travelling offers time for reflection by gaining a deeper appreciation for your life and gives the chance of stepping outside of ourselves and experiencing things from a new perspective. After seeing the way other cultures live and how some people have so little, yet their smile and heart is so big, it makes the little things that we usually stress about seem less critical. Having gratitude is the right attitude to moving forward in your life and developing a strong appreciation for what you do have, and leaving room for other blessings to roll in. Not to mention, you'll always learn something new when you travel, making it a fun, educational experience that sticks with you for a lifetime.

Not everyone can jump up and take a trip to Thailand, and who says that you HAVE to get out of the country to get a real travel experience? Escaping the norm for two hours outside of your hometown to go somewhere you've never been before can be refreshing and boost your mental wellness. If you're feeling limited to your travelling desires, don't get discouraged, because there are plenty of ways of finding ways to travel within your financial lifestyle. There’re so many places within or outside your current residence that you can get a great trip for an affordable price. All you have to do is stop making excuses, plan, and save what you can. By travelling within the means of your budget, you are responsibly catering to your wellness.

Travelling is also a perfect way to practice mindfulness because when you're in a new environment, it's exciting and you don’t want to miss a single thing. So as your walking through a new town, you become more aware of your surroundings and notice small details such as the art décor on a building, or the sweet smells coming out of a bakery shop. Travelling makes you much more observant in mindfulness, making it an advanced state of mind to being happy and staying happy. Travelling is also a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded individuals from different backgrounds and a great source of networking. You never know who you will encounter in life, and travelling inspires that creative and optimistic side by giving you the chance to explore new careers, discover your passions, and opening doors to personal growth and development.

I know life gets hectic and sometimes travelling may be the last thing on your mind, but always remember that it’s okay to take time out for yourself to make you happier and healthier all around. A little bit of travelling here and there is bound to open your mind, help with your mental wellness, and offer new insights and opportunities that can change your life for the better.

Bliss WellnessShayla Daley