7 Healthy Low-Calorie Snacks You'll Actually Love


Photo by  Roman Kraft 

It's tough finding healthy snacks that are, natural, easy to pack, and can stop those unhealthy cravings. If you're having trouble figuring out what treats to buy in the snack aisle, check out these packaging-free, less-than-100-calorie alternatives that are guaranteed to keep you full and lively all day. Or at least until your next meal.


1.  Grapes

The ultimate finger fruit that you've probably grown up with and remember nibbling on at the playground. Grapes have enough sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth while being packed with antioxidants, fibre, potassium, and a variety of vitamins. Think of wine when you decide whether you want the green or red grapes: red has more of the good stuff that will power you through the day and help your heart. Try them fresh or frozen in a zip-lock bag.


2.  Apples

A classic that everyone loves. Apples come in a thousand varieties, ranging from tart to sweet, so there's one out there that will fit your palette.  A powerful source of fibre and Vitamin C, an apple a day may not keep the doctor away, but it will provide you with a full belly while boosting your immune system. Tip: Make a dip out of half a cup of plain low-fat Greek yoghurt and one teaspoon of cinnamon to spice up snack time. 


3. Berries

So sweet that you could almost feel guilty when you eat them by the handful. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are as colourful as candy with half the sugar, with a cup of strawberries having about 11 grams.

Berries are a fantastic source of antioxidants that can help your hair, skin, and immune system. Like grapes, berries can be eaten fresh or after being frozen. They can also be used as toppers for oatmeal, cereal, and yoghurt.


4. Eggs

Yes, eggs are more than just a breakfast food. Hard-boiled eggs are the most on-the-go friendly forms, fitting in bags and containers without a problem. 

Prepare them at home or, if you have a kitchen where you spend most of your day, keep a carton in the fridge for a quick boil. Eggs are packed with protein without the sugar of protein bars, and enriched with omega-3s to keep you focused.


5. Nuts

Fats are critical to any balanced diet and nuts are the best source. Peanuts, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, and almonds are just a select few from the boundless range of nuts that exist.
On top of the healthy fat they carry, nuts have Vitamin B, fibre, and are an excellent vegan source of protein. Snack on them alone, in a homemade trail mix, with a handful of grapes, or mixed in a cup of yoghurt. Aim for the unsalted varieties to lower your sodium intake.


6. Vegetables

They get a bad rep, and they're not everyone's favourite thing in the world, but you (and your body) need them. The best snack time veggies have to be carrots and celery. Carrots are available pre-packed in small sizes that make storing easy and are famous for being the #1 source of Vitamin A. 

Chill your carrots a night before and enjoy them the next day, dipped in almost any salad dressing, or hummus. Celery is similar, even though it is more water-based and lower in carbs. It's loaded with Vitamin K helping to strengthen your bones and celery tastes amazing when smeared with nut butter, or diced and placed on top of a salad.


7. Yoghurts

I know we're trying to avoid packaged snacks, but the creamy texture makes this snack so irresistible. Most yoghurts are packed with sugar and artificial sweeteners that increase the number of calories and do more bad than good for your body. Whether it's flavoured or a plain, yoghurt, it's one of the best sources of calcium and protein.  Check the label and select an organic, whole milk yoghurt that will suit your dietary needs.