5 Reasons Why Women Mentors Are a Must


Photo by David Foley

Mentorship plays an important role in the success of women across our communities. Did you know you can become a mentor or find a remote mentor right now? Bliss Women Mentors are dedicated to empowering and supporting women everywhere. The program focuses on topics such as career development, goals, skills and constructive criticism, as well as any other topics you feel are valuable for success.

Women are discounted in leadership and high-salary positions. Mentoring could be the answer to this problem for five main reasons.


Women in leadership roles need to take time to mentor other women. We can help other women as well into these important positions as decision-makers, leaders and innovators. As we continue to empower each other, we will see the corporate landscape change to equal ground.

Skill Development

Having a mentor is a great way to develop existing skills or to acquire new ones, especially skills in face-to-face communication. If you want to enter a career, but you don’t know where to start, find a mentor in that field. A good mentor will give you the tips and resources for you to hone your skills. A great mentor will lead by example and show you how to put your skills to work. With your new knowledge and abilities, you will be more likely to be successful in leadership or management.


Mentorship is essential to being an entrepreneur and has made female entrepreneurship more common around the world in recent years. Seasoned entrepreneurs can inspire newcomers with their success stories and motivate them to move forward with their ideas. We need more mentors preparing women for the coming emotional and logistical hurdles that come with the territory of being a businesswoman. When women help each other, everyone wins.

Support & Advice

It’s always easier to keep going when someone is encouraging and positive. Mentors will help you to persevere to reach your goals. They will be there to support your ideas when you feel like giving up. It’s important to accept constructive criticism along the way. Don’t resist advice from people who are older or who have more experience than you. If something isn’t working, perhaps your mentor can show you another angle. With their support and advice, you will be on the fast-track to success in any industry.

Women Leadership

In 2018, men are still more likely to be perceived as leaders than women. Mentoring prepares women to be our future leaders. Through this process, we can shatter the status quo. Women leaders are more empathetic, nurturing and calm in times of panic. We are good at cultivating teams, communicating and multi-tasking. The nature of women will help grow businesses, politics and communities alike.

Women are often competitive with each other. This widens the gender gap further rather than promote the equality we all hope for. An anonymous quote says, “You can always tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building each other up, instead of tearing each other down.” Be a strong woman. Be a mentor.