5 Online Therapy Sites For a Healthier Winter


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There is growing support for the initiative to End Daylight Saving Time. Not only does this change affect your sleep schedule, but it also has negative impacts on your health.

Productivity and focus are at risk during this time of the year. There are effects from sleep deprivation. This also contributes to an increase in missed work and health related issues. Although there are 24 hours in a day, our bodies do not adjust quickly to new timing. For some, the time change leads to emotional imbalance, irritability and depression, including Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

SAD is when you experience depression during the fall and winter, but have regular moods the rest of the year. There are steps you can take to protect yourself like keeping your sleep schedule through the weekend and maintaining a dark environment during sleep hours.

To help you adjust to daylight savings time for a healthier way of living, we’ve compiled a list of five online therapy sites you can use to get yourself through those sleepless nights.


TalkSpace operates with the platform that all people should have access to therapists. It’s hard for many people to travel to an office for therapy, especially when dealing with emotional struggles. With TalkSpace, more than 3000 therapists are available with expertise covering topics like LGBT conflict, depression, anxiety and more. To be matched with a therapist, you will take an assessment, choose the plan that fits you and begin therapy with a qualified professional.

7 Cups of Tea

With 7 Cups of Tea online therapy, you can sign up as a client or as a listener. Listeners are people who enjoy helping others and use their free time to listen and give advice. While listeners do not need to be licensed to take part, they do undergo an extensive background check. The website also features milestones, forums and shoutouts to create a sense of community.


BetterHelp provides affordable private access to licensed therapists. You can choose programs between $40 and $70 weekly which includes access to messaging, chat, phone/video therapy. There is an emphasis on the fact that online therapy can be as effective as face-to-face therapy - or even more effective.


On Breakthrough, there are more than 30,000 people every month who use one of 1,000 therapists to talk through their problems and and to assist with effective coping mechanisms. There are therapists geared toward all types of issues including depression, men’s issues, PTSD, anxiety, relationships and more. You can find a therapist to suit your needs by filling out their questionnaire.


AmWell focuses on online video therapy sessions. It operates 24 hours so you can have sessions with doctors anytime you need to. With AmWell, there are no appointments necessary. You simply sign in and enter your visit. These doctors are able to prescribe medications, which are sent to any pharmacy through electronic means.

This winter, rest assured that you can beat this seasonal depression with these healthy online therapy sites.