4 Powerful Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice


Photo by Jose Soriano 

There seems to be a lot of hype about celery juice; lately, even A-list celebrities like Kim Kardashian have been supporting the celery juice movement. A lot of the hype is good hype because this green veggie offers some fantastic benefits when the celery is blended and drained in the morning and consumed on an empty stomach. This trend is supposed to improve all kinds of health issues. So what exactly are the benefits of drinking celery juice? Research is pretty clear on the benefits of celery juice, and it's not as shocking as some may find it to be.

It's loaded with vitamins and minerals

When I used to think about celery, the health benefits of it never really crossed my mind. I knew it was a vegetable and duh, all veggies have unusual properties to them, but I'd only come across celery when I ordered wings at a restaurant. Hey, celery sticks with ranch are pretty darn good! I've never paid much attention to celery before, but now, since the trend I believe celery should not be ignored because these veggies hold tons of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Calcium, Silicon, Potassium and Folate; all good for supporting and strengthening the bones, and purifying the bloodstream. Since celery it's packed with vitamins and minerals, it contains a large amount of water and electrolytes that assist with warding off dehydration.

It helps with chronic inflammation

A lot of holistic doctors are opening new doors to more natural ways of treating certain illnesses and diseases. Celery juice has dominant inflammatory characteristics because it starves the pathogens such as unwanted bacteria and viruses, and contains flavonoids that are believed to prevent and potentially decrease chances of getting cancer. Celery can help prevent many diseases and ailments such as cardiovascular diseases, liver disease, urinary tract obstruction, jaundice, gout, and rheumatic disorders. But that's not all; it can also lower blood sugar levels, blood lipids, and blood pressure. And if you suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis, celery juice can help relieve those annoying rashes, too.

It can heal the gut

According to Fox News, around 74 per cent of Americans suffer from digestive issues such as diarrhoea, gas, bloating, and abdominal pain, there's hope that celery juice can relieve these symptoms. Celery juice has high nutrients in fibre when the vegetable is juiced, which fibre is known for treating the digestive system making it a natural laxative and nurturing the stomach from an unhealthy lifestyle and food choices. Celery has a high natural proportion of sodium that gets rid of toxins within your body and gut helping to revive the stomach lining, making it an excellent way to alkalize the gut and flatten the tummy!

It's a natural detoxifier

Since this natural juice holds alkaline and hydrating properties, it makes it useful for balancing the body's pH levels offsetting any acidity in the body. The potassium and sodium control the fluids in the body and helps with urine production, and it detoxifies the liver by removing harmful bacteria and waste. It also makes it a good form of weight loss because of its low calorie and high fibre content, ability to eliminate toxins and speed up the metabolism. Celery juice can quickly increase the digestive system aiding the body to cleanse, release, and repair.

It sounds like celery juice is the ultimate miracle drink! And yes, health professionals have marked the celery juice trend to be safe and effective by offering amazing benefits to one's health, but still, everything should be used in moderation. With healthy eating and exercising habits, celery juice can assist with working wonders for your body