5 Health Issues Women Face That Men Can't Identity With


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Women are both physically and mentally strong, having to deal with a variety of health issues, conditions, and life happenings that most men can't relate to. Each woman is uniquely different in varying ways like moral values, health status and much more. It's so important that we stay compassionate and understanding towards each other. Here are some health issues that women go through and are misunderstood by others.


Abortion is a sensitive subject, with the involvement of societal traditions, politics, and religion. It's a tough decision many women go through. There's a life growing inside of the womb, and based on the woman, there will always be different outcomes when it comes to abortion. 1 in 4 women will undergo an abortion in her lifetime due to finances, unplanned pregnancies or because of her partner.

Abortion has been a political debate for years, and society remains biased against women having the right to choose abortion or human life. Research also correlates stress of abortion decisions come from a place of moral values and religious standpoints with the fear of it being the wrong thing to do, but then you have women who think that carelessly bringing in a new life into the world is an act of sin as well. But no matter if you're pro-choice or totally against it, there will be social and economic factors that all play a role in abortion. The decision to get an abortion is a personal one, and every woman should have the option to choose with the support of her community and proper health care coverage.

Periods and Menstrual Cramps

Here's a subject that men will never be able to understand. More than half of menstruating women experience some pain around their period, with some estimates saying as much as 84 per cent. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can make women emotional, cranky, sluggish, bloated, mood swings, tender breasts, and in pain. Yes, men! Menstruation can be extremely painful causing uncomfortable cramps and irritability. See, men, you should become a little more sensitive to women because its part of the natural cycles of life. Women were explicitly created to go through the challenges that menstrual cycles bring. Because, it's not only preparing the women's body for pregnancy, but it's also cleansing the uterus. Talking about menstruation should be casual and less awkward with both men and women because periods are normal and not something to hide.

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression (PPD) is a mood disorder that mostly affects women after they've given birth, and it causes damaging psychological thoughts and negative feelings towards the baby and loved ones. The side effects of PPD is an intense feeling of loneliness, anxiety, sadness, and fatigue; it can also isolate the mother from her baby which can sometimes result in dangerous situations between the mother and baby. PPD isn't an illness you should have to deal with alone, but sometimes this is the case because some women don't have a stable support system that can help guide them through this rough patch in their life. If a partner is involved, then it's essential for them to realise that PPD is from a clinical point of view and not just based on emotions because men relate better to scientific facts more than feelings. What can be done to help ease PPD is educating your partner and family, talking it out, and asking for professional help.

Female Infertility

Women were blessed with the ability to conceive and create life within the womb. Most women will sometime in their life want to settle down and build a family of their own, but unfortunately, some women struggle with infertility. Female infertility is mostly caused by issues with ovulation, meaning that without ovulation, there aren't enough eggs to be fertilised. People who don't have infertility problems don't understand the frustration and sadness that a woman may go through when trying to conceive naturally. This issue in society is pushed under the rug and often ignored.

The feeling of having pregnancy being put on "hold" comes with a wave of emotions, and people need to learn how to become more sensitive towards that issue. There are infertility counsellors that offer emotional support, but when it comes to family, friends, and your partner, they should be a supportive listener, become well-informed on infertility and the many factors that reside behind it, be patient, and encouraging them not to give up.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Urinary tract infections have been shamed and kept a secret because it's portrayed as disgusting, and embarrassing. A lot of people think that if a woman gets a UTI, it's because she's not taking care of herself or it could be a cause of other health-related issues while both can be true, more factors go into UTI's and why women get them. UTI's are common and not usually dangerous; it's a bacterial infection in the urinary system that affects the bladder and urethra, but if left untreated or not treated properly for too long, it'll start to infect the kidneys. The causes of a UTI vary from bacteria in the digestive system to sexual activity. Women are more likely to get UTI's because we have shorter urethras which allow bacteria faster access to the bladder. If your partner is insensitive with the topic, discuss even the facts and how men can get them as well.

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