Ask Bliss Women: Should I worry about my future post-graduation?

Q: “I'm in my final semester as a University student, and a few weeks ago, I felt motivated and anxious to get out into the world and make my own money. But over the last few days, I'm feeling the total opposite, scared, unmotivated and worried that I may never get a job that I love where I can use my degree. What should I do to better position myself for success?” - The Concerned University Student

A: “First off, Congratulations! Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment, and you should be so proud! I can certainly relate to the feeling of fear that you are experiencing. It's a significant change which is about to take place, and it can be daunting. 

I can't tell you not to be afraid; it's completely normal to feel this way. What I can say to you is never allow fear to hold you back. The only thing worse than feeling rejection is the feeling of not knowing what could have been if you would have pushed through it. The reality is, you may very well face rejection when searching for your career. Rejection is a part of the process. Ask for feedback. There's no harm in graciously thanking the employer for the opportunity and asking for a bit of input as to what you could improve on for the next interview. 

You won't be the perfect candidate for every employer, but that's okay! Continue to push forward and be mindful. You will find your opportunity. Keep a positive mindset, always. This will manifest the best possible outcome for you in your future endeavours.”

- With Bliss, Elizabeth Lightbourn

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Elizabeth Lightbourn is a NASM certified personal trainer and has obtained a Bachelor of Health Science from Seminole State College of Florida. Her fitness journey inspired her love for health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. She is passionate about helping others to change their lives for the better by implementing healthy habits and coaching them through lifestyle modifications. Elizabeth asked many of the questions you may be asking! She hopes by sharing her experiences, thoughts, and knowledge will inspire and educate others to make positive changes in their own lives.